Thursday, February 7, 2013

Not Just a Refugee by Bri Mar

Jim Mang, the Justice and Peace Director for the Sisters of St Joseph in Buffalo, New York sent me this poem.  I think it goes well with the new video we are posting today on the US Federation Website entitled "We Are All Immigrants."  The Sisters of St Joseph of Baden worked with 12 other religious communities to create this 30 minute story of migrants to the US.  It is well done and thought provoking. 

Not Just a Refugee by Bri Mar
I had to leave my homeland, my children and my wife,
to find a safer place to live and to save my life.
This wasn't taken lightly, so try to be aware,
I only want security and you to show you care.

What you take for granted, we are not allowed,
we must say things quietly, while you can shout out loud.
You can walk for miles on end, without the need for fear,
I just want to do the same and to bring my family here.
I miss my wife and children, I know you’d be the same,
Humans need their families, they’re worth much more than fame.
I want to work and pay my way, to be the same as you,
All I ask for in return, is respect from just a few.

I don’t want your handouts, I need to be employed,
that way I'll feel valued, my life can be enjoyed.
You can choose where you go, I've never had that choice,
all I want is liberty and to have a voice.

 You all have a dream in life, to be really wealthy,
where I come from our only dream, is just remaining healthy.
So please don't treat me differently, I do not ask for favors,
I only seek acceptance, that's what a human savors.

 If you were beaten every day, you'd say, ''that can't be right'',
that is why I had to move, I'd lost the will to fight.
If you were told, '' your life is ours and you don't have a say'',
would you not do the same as me, get up and run away.

I did what any human would, I want to stay alive,
while I'm still here there's hope, my family will survive.
Until you get to know me, don't make a song and dance,
try to learn who I am, just give me a chance.

 Before you make a judgment, try to understand,
I come for your democracy, not to steal your land.
You've always fought injustice, a cause you're fighting still,
I was doing just the same, I'd really had my fill.

That is why I moved here, on freedom you're renowned,
help me through to be as you and equality we'll have found.
I do not ask for sympathy, just a friendly ear,
to listen to my troubles and help bring me some cheer.

 If you think for just a moment, I really could be you,
would you accept brutality, if not, what would you do.
If you've listened to all I've told you, you should now clearly see,
First I am a human being, ''Not Just A Refugee''