Monday, June 4, 2018

Circle the City with Love- Its a Movement

On the night of the feast of St Joseph, March 19, 2016 a few friends were sitting around chatting, commiserating about the state of our country… all the terrible stuff going on with the nominees for the presidential elections. The words Circle the City with Love just came out of my mouth.  This is the title of a Song composed, recorded and sold since early 2000’s by Kathy Sherman CSJ who resides in Chicago. 

Why don’t we Circle the City during the RNC and gather in some fashion/somewhere putting positive energy into the memory fields, the morphogenic fields as they are called by scientists.  Morphogenic fields is a spiritual concept that has been proven through science

This action would call for an extended period of standing/sitting in silence, breathing love, compassion, peace into the energy fields    Each participant one by one and the collective energy of the many would make it a very powerful experience.   We would make a difference!

As we stood 3000 strong for one half  in silence  on the Lorain/Carnegie Bridge in Cleveland Ohio on July 16, 2018  we knew were making a difference!   This was the beginning of a movement!

Please join the Movement this year on July 29, 2018 by going to 

Rita Petruziello CSJ
Cleveland, Ohio