Thursday, April 18, 2019

New Things Are Happening in Le Puy

The red arrow shows you right where you are

Le Puy and the whole Rhone/Alps region is undergoing some big changes.

These little buses run all over town
The local transportation system has greatly improved with more buses going to more near-by places of interest and a little shuttle bus that takes you around town.  So, if you just don’t think you can trudge up one more hill, perhaps a shuttle can take you where you want to go.  Click here to learn more about the bus system.

The bus stops have
clear schedules

A new museum has opened in Le Puy called the Musée Crozatier. It is a large museum with an impressive collection of articles of historic significance, fine art, a science gallery, and a display of local artistry including lace-making.  My favorite was in the historic section where they had blocks of the wall from the Cathedral that have interesting designs carved into them. They frequently have special shows.  The entrance fee is 6 euros.  Although the most detailed descriptions of the exhibits are only available in French, throughout the museum there are frequent explanations in English.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and recommend it.

It has a historic gallery. 


A Fine Arts Gallery

A Science Gallery

and the Galerie Du Velay that features religious art and lace making