Sunday, October 9, 2011

As I walked the narrow cobblestoned the streets of Le Puy, I was conscious of walking the same streets that our first sisters and many generations of sisters, including our sisters and associates have walked. So much of our beginning history occurred here. I could imagine those first conversations among our first sisters, the challenge of their work and the excitement of doing something that was so new, different and needed for their times. (See two pictures of Le Puy Streets below.)

For centuries our sisters in Le Puy have looked up and seen the Chapel Saint Michael, high up on its basalt rock perch. As I hiked up the 268 stone steps, I wondered how many Sisters and Associates had traveled this same path, stopped at the shrine to St. Raphael, and marveled at the architectural feat this chapel was.It was interesting to see and learn about the Moorish influences on the chapel design.

Inside I was treated to a special choral presentation as a small choir practiced for an upcoming performance. Their music enhanced my experience of the 10th century frescoes and other artwork.(See pictures of path up and the exterior and interior of the Cathedral.)

And then from the Chapel Saint Michael, I viewed the City of Le Puy with its dominating cathedral in the heart of town. (See picture below)
Narrow Streets of Le Puy

Saint Michael

The top of the steps at St. Michael's

On the way up the steps there was a shrine to St. Raphael

The Chapel was built right into the rock.

You could see how they provided support to extend the chapel

Ceiling Frescoes

Natural light streamed into the chapel

The view of the Cathedral and Le Puy from St Michael's

It was quite a hike up!


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