Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Unique Business Plan that Provides for the Neighbor

Last night in Connecticut I had dinner at the Flatbread Company and was very impressed by their business plan.  The owner, Eric Kronschnevil, decided that he would not spend money on advertising.  Instead he opens his business to a community non-profit agency every Tuesday for fund-raising and relies on the good will that this generates.  The amount of money that he would normally spend per week is essentially donated to the organization on a per pizza basis.  This week the fund raiser benefitted Jubilee House, a program operated by the West Hartford Sisters of St. Joseph. The restaurant was filled all evening as friends of Jubilee House, sisters and regular customers enjoyed great food.
Friends of Jubilee House enjoy a great evening

 Previously, the fund raiser has benefitted Tabor House, another program operated by the Sisters benefitting people with AIDS.  (My next blog will tell you more about Jubilee House, Tabor House and a few of the other wonderful works in which the Sisters here are involved.)
Sr. Susan Cunningham, Executive Director of Jubilee House chats with Eric and Sr. Ann Kane, Tabor House Director

While we were enjoying our organic, wood-fire cooked vegetarian pizza, Eric came over to our table and chatted a little about his unique advertising plan, his values, family and the other ways he helps non-profits.  It was obvious that he chooses the agencies that he supports with care and values what each agency does.  He tries to find ways that he can support their other fund raisers and their operations. 

When I commented how much I liked his business plan, Eric responded, “I get to share about $30,000 a year with my neighbors.”  What a Sister of St. Joseph answer!

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