Saturday, December 10, 2011

Patty and Griselda Take Manhattan

The Muppets have nothing on Sr. Griselda Martinez Morales and me.  While I was in New York working on business for the Sisters of St. Joseph Non-Governmental Organization at the United Nations with Griselda, our representative there, we also did a few Christmas tourist things in Manhattan.

We visited the Christmas store windows, saw the tree at Rockefeller Plaza and visited Grand Central Station.
The windows at Macy's were the best I have ever seen

Sr. Griselda at Rockefeller Plaza

The skaters at Rockefeller Plaza

Me at Times Square
I am getting better at crossing the streets in Manhattan.  Although they have walk and don’t walk signs all over, in New York that doesn’t really mean that you should or should not cross.  Ideally, you cross with a pack of people when it is safe but mostly you just cross when there is not a car or bicycle coming right at you.  This usually has nothing to do with the traffic signals.  After following Griselda around, I had to go to a meeting on my own several blocks from her office.  I was so very proud as I scouted the scene and took my life in my hands as I crossed the street on my own.
Griselda is quite involved at St. Patrick’s parish which is a predominantly Latin American parish.  I participated with her in a rosary at a parishioner’s home.  For 45 days, leading up to the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the parishioners have been hosting a rosary for the parish in their home.  The one I went to had about 50 people and included a procession by the children, a song with every decade of the rosary and food afterwards.  It is quite a commitment and community building process on the part of the parishioners.
I met with our Sisters at the UN, Griselda, Marianne Sennick and Susan Wilcox to do some future planning also.    We put the finishing touches on a newsletter about our work at the UN which will be sent off for translation and available on the Federation website soon.
Susan, Marianne and Griselda, Sisters of St Joseph at the UN

Griseda at Grand Central Station

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