Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Catie, Nicole and Ashley

St. Louis is home to the third largest Earth Day celebration in the United States.  This year a group of sisters from 14 congregations including the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet, St. Louis and high school students sponsored a booth on ecological spirituality.

I had the chance to interveiw a few of the students.  Catie from St. Joseph's Academy told me that she jumped at the chance to get involved with something she felt was very important.  Both she and Nicole were enthusiastic about the video they had been involved with as part of this project.  (go to this link to watch this video )  Ashley from St. Elizabeth's Academy told me that she has "a strong love for the earth, and I am really into recycling.  This is pushing me to do more."

The sisters and students passed out a beautiful brochure that defined eco-spirituality and its key principles.  The brochure stated, "Science tells us that everything in the natural world is made up of sheer energy.  As humans, our thought patterns radiate this energy out to the universe, and the universe returns it to us in the same manner.  Eco-spirituality stretches humankind to be all-inclusinve and recognize our mutually enhancing relationship with the natural world and all its component members.  Hence, it is very important to be positive and focused in all that we do and think."

Sr. Patty Clune from the Leadership Team of the St. Louis Province said that "This is my first Earth Day celebration in St. Louis.  I am impressed with the variety of organizations committed to the earth.  It was fun rubbing elbows with so many people with whom I share values in a festive atmosphere of music and entertainment."  Shre further noted, "there are so many young people here.  It probably means that their parents are passing on their values." 

Mary Ann Carmody, a friend of the sisters said, "I enjoyed the wide variety and diversity.  It is good to see that there are so many new products coming online that are eco-friendly."

Sr. Kathleen Crowley said, "It really looks like there is lots of interest in living life in a sustainable fashion."
Me at the booth

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