Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Year Anniversary

 As I celebrate one year as the Executive Director of the US Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph, I take great joy in looking back at all the wonderful opportunities I have had this year.  I have traveled extensively and met many interesting people.  Each opportunity has expanded my horizons and exposed me to new ways of thinking and being.

My first global coordinating group meeting in Switzerland
One of the fringe benefits of this job is that I can to travel internationally.  I am writing to you from my vacation in Chamonix, France.  I have traveled here on my way to the Global Coordinating Group in Italy.  At the Global Coordinating Group we will discuss the many international efforts that the Sisters of St. Joseph engage in together.  I look forward to the discussion on the major accomplishments at the UN-NGO where Sr. Griselda has issued two major statements this year, one on human trafficking and the other on climate change.  Then it’s on to the International Center to discuss the strategic plan that we are working on.  Although communication with sisters who speak in 5 languages is a challenge and I am really challenged by trying to learn to speak French, I find the relationships that I am developing internationally to be so fulfilling. 

Susan Wilcox, Marianne Sennick and Griselda Martinez Morales at the UN
I really enjoy my connections with the Leadership Council, the regions and the Leadership Assembly.  We strive to listen together to where we are being lead.  There have been discoveries at each meeting that seems to be more than what any of us would have expected.  These powerful experiences are really amazing.

Joe Favazza
I have enjoyed working with Joe Favazza, the US Federation Administrative Assistant and the committees that have helped us develop the website.  I have learned a lot and know that we are just beginning to tap the power of this new tool to connect us and enable us to “be and act as one.”

Gathering of the Daughters

My visit to Hartford
Agregee ceremony in Concordia
I have had the opportunity to meet with many sisters, associates and agrégées and feel that I have been changed by these encounters.  From Sr. Susan Wilcox I have been exposed to a new way to pray.  I feel so much hope for the future through my discussions with younger members, associates and agrégées.  My awareness of issues of human trafficking impacts my choices on a daily basis. 

When I began this job, I was hopeful that I would have the skills required since it is so different from anything that I have ever done. I think things have gone really well.  I know that I really enjoy going to work almost every day.

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  1. Congratulations Patty! We are on a great ride with deep roots back to 1850 in France. With hearts and minds open we move from the words of Philippians "all things are possible in Christ who strengthens..." us in faith, hope and love, blessed to bless. Thank you for saying YES and leading us into the mystery and the more of life and mission.