Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gathering of the Daughters

Sr Judy Cauley addresses the Gathering
of the Daughters
A gathering was held this weekend in Albany of our newer members and the vocation and formation staffs of congregations.  The speaker was Sr. Judy Cauley, a member of the Congregation of St Joseph.

Sr Melissa Gernon shares the opening
I am pleased to share with you the reflections/introduction to our second day of meeting that was prepared by Sr. Melissa Gernon, a sister in temporary profession with the Sisters of St Joseph of Rochester.

Judy Cannato stated in an April 2011 interview that a body of intentionally spiritual woman can usher in a new paradigm of our evolving story of the universe that will fundamentally alter not only the way we think but will radically change the way we relate to one another.
So, here  we are, called to this place at this time, maybe not even conscious of why you’re here.

Perhaps it is to figure out how to order the house of Earth in the chaos of our time or perhaps it is because you feel called to share in the quest of the perennial questions of the universe.
Maybe you resonate with a quote referenced from Thomas Berry, Rumi, Joanna Macy, Isaiah, or Dorothy Day such as “a revolution within the world must start with each one of us.”

Maybe we were inspired by one of the mantras we sang, or by Colleen’s poem, the story of Judy’s grandmother and the clock.
Where are you right now? What questions are you struggling with, contemplating?  What is your insatiable thirst or deep hunger? What is the meaning of all our new powers that is good? Someone from my table asked the question, how can I be a good steward of my own energy or perhaps like Judy’s grandmother, your question is what matters most?

Melissa created this banner which participants added
to throughout the gathering
Today we will spend time connecting the dots of yesterday to the dots of our charism with our story of evolving Universe.  We will be going on a spiritual adventure.
Judy will continue to help us get to the heart of what matters.

Later in the day we will explore Whole-Making into the world and exploring the question, where do we go from here?
So, let us now experience a little bit more of the unfolding of our story.

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