Thursday, May 1, 2014

From Contemplation to Action

Sr. Mimose from Haiti lights the candle
Sr. Griselda shows us the weaving
we have put together over the days
Wednesday morning was a time for the JPIC group to reflect on what they had heard and how their   Gathered around symbols which reflected the process of weaving a fabric from threads of different qualities and colors, Gloria Philip and Griselda Martinez Morales reflected on the great wealth of our diversity, which is both a challenge and a blessing.  After joining in a song from the Saint-Vallier community which was a call to be one, the group was invited to enter into their hearts while moving around the symbols   This was followed by an hour of silent reflection followed by a time of sharing what each held in her heart.
in silence. Then those gathered were led in a dance of weaving, hand to hand and eye to eye.
hearts were speaking.

Gathered around the computer from left
to right are Srs Rita (Argentina), Sr Jeannette
(Algeria), Sr Marie Pierre (Haiti) and Sr.
Graziella (Italy)
Sr. Jeannette from Algeria addresses
the group
In the afternoon, the group, gathered in language groups, addressed the question of what they as a  Every group had its own individual process and focus, with great variety in ideas while some suggestions were common to several groups.  Among the needs that were articulated were:  communication both within the group and with a broader public, a co-ordinating group to organize and carry the work forward, a kind of structure that would lead to action, greater collaboration and formation for our sisters in justice issues.  One table raised a question regarding how those gathered understood the concept of “working together.”  Does it mean collaborating on a single project, strategizing, developing documents and addressing together a single issue?  Or does it mean each one working in her own way, in her own context on a single topic the group has identified?
group needed to be for the life of the world.

These questions and insights will be brought to the table on Friday, when the threads will be drawn together and plans for the work of JPIC will be drawn up.

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