Tuesday, April 14, 2015

At the Gathering of the Sisters of St Joseph of Latin America

I am spending two weeks in Mexico City with 60 sisters of St Joseph who live and work in Latin America and the Caribean.  This is their sixth gathering of 15 congregations.  They come together to motivate each other, promote communion and to live more deeply our identity as Sisters of St Joseph.  Hearing the cry of the poor is essential for them.

At this meeting they are working with the materials entitled "The Bearers of the Tradition," a program developed in Concordia, Kansas which is being adapted to the Latin American culture.

They speak in Spanish, Portuguese and French.  (They have an English translator for me- thank goodness.) It's a little early in my stay to have much to offer except that the communion among the sisters is profound.  There is a sense that they have come together to see where the Holy Spirit will be leading them next and I look forward to being part of the unfolding experience.

I'll try to move some pictures over here from my camera throughout the day.

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