Thursday, August 13, 2015

Being at LCWR

I asked a few of our leaders what It means for them to be at LCWR.  Sr. Brenda Lau (Hawaii) shared, "It's a key source for meeting religious across the US and from other countries.  It is a union of sisters interested in carrying out the mission for the world.  For me, it is refreshing to return to these gatherings as a leader again."

Sr. Jeannie Masterson
Sr. Jeannie Masterson (Congregation of St Joseph) said, "I appreciate the networking, support, and collaboration to use our power together.  We draw inspiration from one another."

Sr. Pat Mahoney
Sr. Pat Mahoney (Brentwood) said, "The conversations among and between us in the context of the contemplative setting provided  us with a focus for essential exchange."

Sr. Jean Rosemarynoski (Concordia) offered, "It broadens the overview of religious life in the US.  The diversity from different regions, the networking opportunities, sharing of ideas and program information that we can use, the inspirational speakers, all recharge our batteries."

Sr. Katie Eiffe at LCWR Assembly 2015
Sr. Katie Eiffe (Carondelet- Albany) offered "We are being called to learn from our experience and move forward in service to God and the church."

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