Sunday, September 25, 2016

Grand Opening of the Center of Living History of the Sisters of St Joseph by Sr. Michele Beiter

The  Centre of the Sisters of St. Joseph Living History is set up as a scenography, in
which different methods are used such as: artifacts, pictures that when touched show a script,
The Global Coordinating Group got a preview before the grand opening
earphones, printed scripts on wall, etc.  I could chose among five languages to use: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.  I used my senses of touch, sight, feel and hearing.  It was an experience I never had before. I felt like I had been transposed back before when we were founded in 1650.

Screens told what was going on in the

It was especially helpful that the beginnings and growth of the Sisters of St. Joseph were always set within the context of what was going on in France politically, the Church and otherwise.  I was surprised that there seemed to be so many wars/conflicts.
Early Constitution
A multimedia experience of our history
After we were founded in 1650, there were 16 more communities by 1661.  There was a wave of sometimes growth and other times fewer vocations. 

I enjoyed experiencing the years not only of our founding, but the history of the LePuy Congregation up to recently when It became part of the Institute. 
Touch screens reveal our story

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