Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Leading in the Footsteps of our Founders

By: Andrew Mercado

As the new academic year is in full swing, students across the country at colleges founded by Sisters of Saint Joseph will be exploring leadership through a newly developed webinar series “Leading in the Footsteps of our Founders.” Through generous funding by the C. Charles Jackson Foundation, The Association of Colleges of Sisters of St. Joseph (ACSSJ) has partnered with member campuses in bringing together opportunities for students to intentionally and actively explore leadership development in the spirit and charism of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. The webinar offerings for the fall semester include:
  • Who are we called to be? Journeying into the past and leading into the future
  • Student and Leader: A path towards excellence & service to the “Dear Neighbor”
  • Leading with Purpose & Striving a Balance: A conversation for all on the complexities and necessity of women’s leadership in today’s world 
  • Live your Why.

Since the very founding of our institutions, love for the “dear neighbor” has been and continues to be a central hallmark that shapes the student experience while on campus and influences who they become. In an increasingly interconnected world, this webinar series seeks to empower students to live as engaged leaders called to create hospitable and caring communities, manifest concern for all without distinction, address the needs of the times, strive for excellence in all endeavors, work to make a difference in the local and world community. The webinar series presents a unique opportunity for students across the country to explore the historical and contemporary footsteps of the Sisters of Saint Joseph as a model of leadership in service to the “dear neighbor.”

The webinars are open to the public, please join us. For registration information, please go to or email

[Andrew Mercado is an ACSSJ Graduate Intern and 2016 graduate from Elms College majoring in Health Care Management and Sociology. While at Elms, he was actively involved in Campus Ministry programs and took part in multiple mission trips. He recently graduated from Boston College with a Masters in Higher Education focusing on spirituality, faith, and formation. Andrew is also currently in the process of becoming an associate with the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Springfield.  He is also the Vocations Coordinator at The Augustinians of the Assumption.]

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